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Re: NPS pre-orders are done

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Canadianguy wrote:

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I personally think its just ridiculous and an abuse of the program for people joining NPS JUST to cut the line to get a Z9 or other new products.

I really hope Nikon delays membership in NPS until ALL new products are delivered. The spirit of the program is to give VIP service to serious working photographers. I would LOVE to see Nikon require proof of income.

The NPS pre-order program is just that - for pre-orders only. Now that the product has been official released - there is no more NPS pre-orders being accepted. I believe the cut off was Dec 19, 2021 - if you didn't get your NPS order in for the Z9 before that date - you are just like everyone else - at the mercy of your local retailer.

Build a nice relationship with your local retailer and you will be rewarded.

This is incorrect. The Priority Purchase Delivery program (at least in the US) applies to recently released products in addition to pre-releases. For example, today 2 Jan 2022, you can still get priority delivery for the Z9, Z7ii, the D6, both Z Micro lenses, and the 70-200/2.8 S just to name a few.

Guess every country is different - the Z9 is no longer available on the order form.

There are 4 Z lenses that are available and 1 battery pack that can be ordered in the program. No camera bodies at this time for NPS Canada Priority Delivery.

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