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Mark B. wrote:

Jason D wrote:

Thank everyone for your comments and the arguments are very interesting...

I don't own a R body, but I tried R, RP, and R6 in the store.

In the DSLR days, every a couple of years, a new "mark" of camera came out, 5D mark 2, 5D mark 3, 80D, 90D etc.. They always came out with better sensors and newer Digic processors. However, the release prices were more or less the same as the release prices of the previous models. So, why should we be charged more when these sensors and processors are put into mirrorless bodies? What if these sensors and processors are put into DSLR bodies? Do they not fit? Do they not produce the same IQ as they are in mirrorless bodies?... I think everyone agrees that the answer is more or less a No. The real answer to me is that they cannot be charged as much as they are put into mirrorless bodies. The R is really a better way to milk a lot more cash.

In the DSLR days, the top LCD is an indicator to distinct entry level cameras from the rest. Can someone explain to me why there is no top LCD on the R6? Is it not useful? Does it cost a couple hundred dollars to add one to a mirrorless body than to a DSLR body?

I agree there are some advantages in some areas for mirrorless body. My argument is whether it should be double of the price.

If all you care about is the top LCD, then by all means go with the 6D II. But the R6 is better in every way; I did the comparison myself back in March. The info in the top LCD is available in the EVF, so it's not necessary. But as that's the only feature that matters to you, the 6D II is clearly the camera for you.

It doesn't matter what is displayed in the top LCD. What matter is whether there is a LCD and buttons associate with it. It is a segment of "DNA" determines where this product is placed in the product lines.

Take a look at the cameras' top views. You can find them easily from the internet. Take a look at R3, R5, R6, R and Rp. Compare them with 1D, 5D, 6D and Rebel. You will find what resembles what.  Pay more attention to the differences of buttons between R3 and R5 and compare them with the DSLRs'. You may discover some more interesting clue.

Canon is a matured company. It knows what buttons and LCD to put on which cameras' top plates.

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