Does anyone proof their images on different devices and mediums before publishing?

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Re: Does anyone proof their images on different devices and mediums before publishing?

Connor T wrote:

Ryan Steel wrote:

Connor T wrote:

I was curious if anyone might look at their images on a cellphone, or computer, or any device they didn't edit the images on to see how they would look to the general public. Despite an accurate histogram, a calibrated screen, and an accurate color profile, should I check my images on other devices?

It depends on where you'll be sending your images. If sending to social media, I might want to see how the image looks surrounded by an ocean of white. In that context, you usually need to bump up the contrast and saturation to get something that doesn't look washed out.

Do not get too involved with your histogram when it comes to posting online. Post what looks good when surrounded with white. Nobody cares if your highlights are slightly blown when your images are viewed online. Such images lack enough detail to even tell.

So you would recommend soft proofing qgainst white if posting online?

What would you recommend if I planned on printing more of the photos or sending them to a print shop?

You would process your images for print differently than you would for online presentation. The two are completely different destination media. For example, you would sharpen them differently based on final output intent. I also boost contrast for my online images because, online, nobody can tell the difference between a highlight at RGB:255 and RGB:245. Especially given the number of people using crappy smartphones and Windoze PCs.

You want your images to pop online don't worry about things like blown out highlights and shadow detail. If posting to social media, none of that matters because nobody is going to take the time to look. You have like 2 seconds to impress someone on social media and I guarantee they aren't looking at your shadow detail or highlights.

Worry about shadows and highlights for the work you have printed, framed, and hung.

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