Auto focus or manual for dance music video?

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Re: Auto focus or manual for dance music video?

Thanks for all the info Really appreciate it. Most of the shots that I've planned won't have the dancer moving back and forth or from side to side so after reading all of the advice I think my camera should be good enough. The video I linked earlier is just for reference. In my project, I've planned to have a mixture of dancing and lip-sync. Also, I have read about the autofocus on my camera and obviously, it's not the best compared to the crazy expensive professional cameras, and even if let's say at the very end of a shot I lose focus I am hoping to mask that with a transition (if the timing is right of course). I am sticking to what tamaraw35 said about the Digic 8 processor. I like to think positively about this haha. I am aware that I'm still not quite ready for this but I do practice a lot and I'm a creative media student and we're actually about to start using cameras more often now so that should help About the pre-production, I have planned out a script like a plan, listing what transitions I will add, what I want the dancer to do, etc. Now I am planning a storyboard About the production, I will be shooting this solo and will use a gimbal. I hope this answers and covers everyone's replies I don't want anyone to feel ignored as I value all the advice you guys give me. Thanks a lot!

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