is Panasonic making a mistake in its strategy for its full frame system?

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Re: So pricing ?

BackToNature1 wrote:

I would say the biggest issue against the Panasonic Lumix S5 is it's price. It has to fight against the Big three of Canon, Nikon, an or Sony whom already have an wide selection of either native an or adaptive lens. Then there's the issues of AF. I think the same applies across the entire Panasonic FF lineup pricing wise.

So pricing is likely their biggest problem along with an Army of yTubers bad mouthing the brand. If certain folks really didn't think the Camera would make them an better photographer, they would NOT be so bent on buying certain Brands based on Specs.

I paid 1800€ from new Panasonic S1 in 4/2020.

150€ for the grip from ebay, used, right after that.

MC-21 adapter was 120€ used.

35/1.4 DG DN was 500€ used from BF 2021 sale

50/1.4 S Panasonic was 199€ from BF sale

I bought a 85/1.2 L II for 1000€ and traded it later in for new 85/1.4 DG DN when it was released

I bought the 24/2 DG DN new for 690€.

I think the lenses have been quite affordable, total money used is around ~4500€ for the system. Batteries etc. FF body with grip and 4 lenses. For some other brands you can barely get a camera for the same price.

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