Count down in Nikon tech advantage in sensor and processor.

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I don't see the advantage in sensor and processor.
  1. JoeGuide wrote:

Bayonet wrote:

Have you forgotten about the Sony a1?

Mean no offense. Sony A1 by all account is an excellent, tech leading camera, but I think the future of cameras will lean toward shutterless cameras, at the very least from an economic point. Certainly dual stream sensor or something similar will be the standard for pro EVF. To do that, you have to have certain tech properties to make it happen. There is no doubt in my mind Sony and Canon will be pressed to go in that direction, but will know better when they release their next generation pro cameras.

To me - there is no tech advantage to Nikon compared to the Sony flagship model. They just made different compromises.

Sensor appears to be very similar in tech.

Processor - Nikon appears to favour the EVF stream rather than the processing stream- 20 fps vs 30 fps in raw files. Sony appears to drop EVF frame rates when camera is taxed but they also have high res in their EVF. So to me - processor speed and tech appears similar- just different compromises each company has made.

Mech shutter - Sony pushed it to a new limit of 1/400 flash sync speed - Nikon decided they wanted out of the mechanical shutter game.

Flicker reduction processing - Sony has invested more into this, Nikon has a very simple solution - time will tell if the simple solution is enough.

A1 was release Jan 2021, Z9 was released Dec 2021

No advantage to Nikon in my books - just different choices their engineers have made vs Sony's A1 - plus the 1K price advantage.

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