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Re: NPS pre-orders are done

kbrkr wrote:

I personally think its just ridiculous and an abuse of the program for people joining NPS JUST to cut the line to get a Z9 or other new products.

I really hope Nikon delays membership in NPS until ALL new products are delivered. The spirit of the program is to give VIP service to serious working photographers. I would LOVE to see Nikon require proof of income.

The NPS pre-order program is just that - for pre-orders only. Now that the product has been official released - there is no more NPS pre-orders being accepted. I believe the cut off was Dec 19, 2021 - if you didn't get your NPS order in for the Z9 before that date - you are just like everyone else - at the mercy of your local retailer.

Build a nice relationship with your local retailer and you will be rewarded.

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