Godox V860iis all of a sudden not firing on camera

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Re: Godox V860iis all of a sudden not firing on camera

tugwilson wrote:

Ryan Steel wrote:

tugwilson wrote:

Ryan Steel wrote:

tugwilson wrote:

Ryan Steel wrote:

tugwilson wrote:

Ryan Steel wrote:

tugwilson wrote:

Godox sell replacement hot shoes you can fit yourself.

Yes, it's called a new flash. Godox doesn't sell parts.

So these must be optical illusions then.

Try that in the USA please. No gold stars.


You're so good at this! I thought Godox products were so cheap because they're designed to be replaced every year.

Seems you're wrong about at least two things then.

One would think that if one is not particularly educated about the brand and its products. Visit a few Godox groups online to see how crappy these products really are. They are affordable, yes, but for a reason.

I really don't need to visit online groups. I've been using the kit for 3-4 years and I know from experience the quality of the product. We have several professional users in this forum who happily use Godox kit. Godox don't make perfect products but then no brand is.

Funny to see you here, then, arguing with people you don't know.

If you form you opinions from blow hards in internet forums then it's no wonder you're wrong about lots of things.

Continuing to say that someone is "wrong" without offering up any factual basis is like peeing in the wind, my friend. It's like looking into the mirror each morning and telling yourself that you're beautiful. *lol*

I've had to return an entire Godox AD 600 Pro kit (four flashes) because of 20%-30% misfires. Exchanged it and still misfires. Exchanged transmitter and tried two different ones, still tremendous number of misfires or non-fires. Went through all trouble-shooting steps in detail with Adorama.

I now happily own Profoto and have no issues. They worked right out of the box. And they will work properly for many years to come. Godox makes much more affordable products at a much lower quality. That's fine, nothing wrong with that, so long as you know what you're getting into.

Since you say you don't need to visit online groups, yet do it anyway (?), check out the negative experiences of hundreds in the Facebook Godox user group with over 65,000 members. You'll find a constant, never-ending stream of issues relating to misfires, not firing, and just plain failure after normal use. Over-heating, flashes dying untimely deaths, all of it.

Godox = Junk but that's fine if that's all you can afford. Most will be fine with poor Godox quality in order to get their photography hobby and/or businesses up and running. Low quality, low priced gear serves a purpose, as it does for you and the "several professional users in this forum who happily use Godox kit" as you've observed.

I'd love to have an actual conversation with you, but only if you bring actual facts.

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