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My first interchangeable lens camera is a Rebel Ti film camera. (Take note that it is not a digital Rebel). It is an entry level film camera.

After shooting with film for 4, 5 years, I bought my 30D in 2006. I like the feel of it in my hand, the ergonomic, the buttons on it, and the functions that it provides. It was a perfect camera for me.

Matured companies separate their products into product lines/series. Each product line focuses on its segment of customers, which results in a set of features that go into the line, price, built quality, sales volume etc. Product development and updates are based on the product lines and product lines normally don't overlap too much. Product lines don't change often too.

As for Canon, its DSLR cameras are divided into 1D (flagship), 5D, 6D, 7D, xxD, and xxxD/xxxD series.

I like the xxD series and it is for me. I updated to 70D and 90D soon after they were available in 2013 and in 2019 respectively. Although I was not happy about the joystick was removed in 70D, this xxD series suit me well and I enjoy it. It is important for me that I need to like the tools I use.

The price of 6D2 was cheaper than the 90D when I bought my 90D. I have never liked the 6D series because it has less focus points and they are all concentrated in the center. It is full frame but, to me, it is lower than the 90D in term of product line.

For my usage, the size and weight is more important than whether it is a full frame or not. I normally shoot around F4 to F8 and don't do low light and ultra shallow DOF stuff. So, a crop sensor is good enough. I have been very hesitated to move to full frame because the size and the weight.

Given that I normally shoot between F4 to F8, I don't find any focusing issue with 90D. I can always focus on the eyes etc. with the focus points on the 90D. So, the eye tracking feature of mirrorless is not important for me at all. While I tried the mirrorless cameras in the store, I noticed that, sometimes, the eyes that the camera focuses is not the person that I want to shoot. And often, it doesn't focus on the object that I want the focus on. Perhaps, I don't know how to use the camera. Having said that, the eye control feature of R3 is very interesting. The film eos-3 has this feature and I am glad that Canon ports it over finally.

The R camera and Rp camera don't fit well in Canon's camera hierarchy. To me, they are orphan products that Canon uses to test the water of mirrorless domain. R5 is the mirrorless product line for 5D series users to migrate. Similarly, R6 series is for 6D series and R1 series is for 1D series.

Given that the focus point constraint of 6D that I hate doesn't exist in R6 and (assuming) there won't be new development EF camera and lenses, I become a potential buyer of R6. After I tried it out, sorry, I am keeping my 90D for the near future.

Do I need to upgrade my 90D? No, I don't think so. The IQ is still good to today's standard. Camera is tool to create images. A excellent camera doesn't create excellent photos, but the excellent photographer behind the cameras. My best photos in my collection were from my 30D. They still look great on my walls.

Some people said that top LCD was not useful and all information on it was available in EVF etc. I don't know if they have paid attention to what is on the LCD. It is true that all those information can be seen on the back LCD but I doubt all of them are on EVF and can be set conveniently. If anyone has done night sky shots, they will know that the back LCD is too bright and hurt their night vision and they may wish to look at the dimmer top LCD instead. Same applies to the EVF screen. To me, change camera setting using the back LCD in a theater setting is very unprofessional, but using the top LCD is acceptable.

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