SL2-S with EF Lenses (Sigma)

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Re: SL2-S with EF Lenses (Sigma)

Sorry I don’t have experience with the SL-2S but I want to share my experience with AF-S and AF-C using the S1H for photography.

Sigma L-mount 35f2 and 65f2 lenses: AF-S is fairly quick and basically 100% accurate even at open aperture as long as the contrast is not too low (for example distance motive at dizzy day) or the light is very dark (candle). In AF-C using human face recognition it is also very good as long as the object or person is not moving too quickly or erratically and with good light.

Sigma EF-mount 40f1.4 and 85f1.4. with Sigma MC-21 adapter with latest FW (1.3?). AF-S is decently quick (a bit slower than native L-mount lenses) with little hunting and precision is also basically 100% perfect. AF-C I did not test yet.

Canon EF 200f2.8 L II with Sigma MC-21. AF-S is slow, needs always several back and forth attempts to achieve focus. But then focus is also absolutely fine. Only usable for still motives. AF-C does not work at all, just hunting.

I don’t know if less old Canon lenses or shorter focal lengths work better, but anyhow, what I really like about the Panasonic S1H (can’t wait to find a reasonable priced second hand S1R) is the confidence in AF precision it provides. I would assume that the Leica brother-models are similarly convincing in that respect.

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