Great spotted Woodpecker

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Re: Great spotted Woodpecker

Reilly Diefenbach wrote:

Orsonneke wrote:

Turnanewleaf wrote:

What kind of post did you do? Doesn't look like iso 320/250 on an A1 w/ 600 f/4. Composition looks great!

ON 1 raw 2022 this time.

What is wrong with it ? Oversharpened?

Yes, or Clarity or both. Maybe :^) If not, I would start by trying a different raw conversion.


Picture was cropped as well.

Not by much at 8640 long side. You should be reveling in gobs of totally clean detail at any sane magnification with that size file with that camera and lens. The above crop is a one click deal from the Original. The tapering chin feathers are crumbling and the whole pic has a somewhat gloppy digital look to it.


When we click on in for a closer look at the little guys, we should by all rights be seeing pretty cleanly tapered feathers like this or maybe a hair better, because we have an a1 instead of a D850:


Your pic looks okay uncropped, but there some fussbudgets who wish to examine closer.

If you want i can send you the raw file , so you can edit?

Great, happy to take a swing at it. Dropbox works well.

Perhaps I can learn from you:-)


It probably has to do with personal taste.Some friends of me find my PP having low contrast , others oversharpened.--

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