I have examined the Luminar NEO early release

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Re: I have examined the Luminar NEO early release

I guess you imply Luminar 4 is even slower and buggier than AI because of its complexity. After all, a "quick and easy fix" app as Luminar AI is NOT quick at all (so slow on my i7-10700 with 16GB RAM that I have to stop the app with Task Manager).

You may clarify if you mean otherwise. Of course, it is even easier if you would tell me if Luminar Neo is just as slow as AI. If so, I would not touch it even if Skylum gives Neo for free.

Obviously, we need to "invest" time with useful apps, not "waste" time with slow and buggy apps.

Luminar 4 requires much less processing power than AI.  However, LuminarAI is very fast on my machine which is fairly recent.  I got a new PC with SSDs, 64 GB, and an 11th gen I7 just to use Topaz AI products (SharpenAI, DenoiseAI, EnhanceAI) and to speed up everything else.  On my older machine, (6th gen I7, 16GB, and an added SSD) Luminar AI performance was slower, but acceptible..   Having the program AND the data use an SSD did the trick.

My PCs are stock DELL so I am guessing maybe I have few problems since developers - unless they are nuts or in China- almost certainly test on DELL (and maybe HP machines).

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