Surely, I'm not the only one who's noticed this remarkable capability of the 100S?

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Exposure preview is on for one camera but not the other?

AudiiDudii wrote:

As promised, here's a quick-and-dirty comparison between my A7R and GFX 100S with regard to their ability to display on their LCDs a bright and clear image that can be used for composing and focusing a photo of a scene with a luminence range typical of those I like to photograph:

A7R on the left; GFX 100S on the right. The apertures on the lenses are both set to f4 and all camera settings were tweaked to provide the maximum brightness levels I know how to achieve.

On my A7R, Live View Display is at "setting effect ON" and I turned on Bright Monitoring through the setup menu rather than a custom button because I permanently leave it set to "Sunny Weather." (The brightness level for the normal monitor setting is +2.)

As for the GFX, the Preview Exposure/WB menu item is set to OFF.

(I apologize for the crappy photo, but it was chilly outside on my driveway and I thought it was good enough to prove my point.)

Why have you enabled exposure preview on the A7r but not on the 100S? Turn it off on the A7r and what does it show?

Plus shouldn't you be comparing the mkIV against the 100s? The A7r  came out in 2013 - lots of improvements made in the MkIV than in the MkI version.

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