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Re: … The Foveon sensor- clarity vs resolution

Iain G Foulds wrote:

… There are apparently endless debates about Foveon sensors and resolution. Endless numbers, charts, and graphs. But, all of this is missing what is unique and elevated about the Foveon sensor above all mainstream sensors.

… Clarity of colour is what sets the Foveon sensor apart. Even Sigma does not understand this. Sigma cameras are essentially unknown in the world because Sigma does not even understand what they have created. They are unknown because Sigma has been trying to compete in the mainstream manufacturers’ arena. Sigma will rise to the top of the photography world once they begin to create and advertise images that stand apart due to the nature of the Foveon sensor.

… The Foveon’s rendering of colour purity and subtly allows pixels to exist uninfluenced and unaffected by the next pixel. This appears as resolution, but is simply authenticity and clarity. Mainstream sensor pixels affect each other, creating more of a blended soup. Thus, their desperation for “sharpness” to eliminate this blending.

… A good New Year to you all… Iain

You may be a bit late to the Foveon technology. What you write is what Sigma advertised over years. Many years. They showed it on every exhibition.

But people went for the higher MP count and higher ISO sensitivities.

A Good New Year to you as well.

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