Upgrade to oly 100-400 or not.

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Re: Upgrade to oly 100-400 or not.

Albert Valentino wrote:

Focus accuracy and sharpness are not just about the lens. The camera body, technique, lighting and subject movement (or stillness) play important roles. What camera body are you using? Newer bodies have a stop or more IBiS to guve that extra edge in sharpness in so-so light. If subject is moving and/or lighting is very poor than one needs higher ISO setting and higher ISO means less DR, and more noise means less detail which can be confused with softness, with fine detail like feathers. Also, technique and camera settings 0 second anti-shock or using electronic shutter.

i owned the 75-300 on my EM1.1 and it was a find lens, very sharp up to about 220mm and okay after that. If I still had it, I would expect more keepers on my EM1.3 with better focus tracking and better IBIS in lower light. One of its great virtues is the small size and weight. The OLY 100-400 has a virtue of better close focus.

If you don’t mind the bigger size and the 33% extra reach is useful, then its worth buying one from a place with a easy return policy.


Im using em5 III. Focusing issue is weird, if i focus through magnification it locks on target, gives me green light, but really it hasnt focused on anything. I have set the priority OFF so it shouldnt even take picture when its out of focus. Like the lens gives the body a false information.

If i press shutter button half few times more it sometimes focuses, i see a clear image and sometimes not, but always gives me green light.

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