G1X Mk III : use Hoya UV filter to replace lens cap?

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Re: G1X Mk III : use Hoya UV filter to replace lens cap?

Chris 222 wrote:

bridge77 wrote:

S_L wrote:

Thanks for the reply.

Are you using the filter to protect the lens or to replace the lens cap?

p.s. I am sure others appreciate your side note.

i use both. the cap comes off before shooting, but the filter stays on all the time.

the cap seems good for storage of any camera from accidental abuse. this really is a personal issue i feel, as some tend to have accidents and dirt of all kinds and others just float over the top of all problems.

usually when i shoot, i carry a case with around my shoulder and a wrist camera strap on a smaller camera.

the lens caps is the best protection for me, and i keep it in my pocket as they seem so easy to lose. the UV filter is next and doesn't seem to hurt my IQ so very cheap insurance. i don't mind cleaning the filter as needed but mostly don't bother.

if i feel a picture needs highest IQ then simply unscrewing the UV filter seems to be a sensible way to fulfill that issue.

in the end, i have never had a lens issue in my life time and have never broken a filter or lens.

we really don't need anything generally as the lens and coating are sufficient to protect the camera. we tend to protect against that once in a life time accident to our lenses. so i also use a rubber hood on most of my lenses for flair and protection.

i wouldn't be in a hurry to get all these things unless you foresee some future danger this week. my new bridge camera just has a lens cap but i will prolly get a UV filter for it and maybe a rubber flair hood in time. the rubber hood seems to protect better for me than the hard plastic that doesn't collapse easily by reversing it. some have complained of issues with these kinds of hoods when hitting things.

I'm curious about these "rubber flair" items. Could you please post links?

sure, all they are is a rubber lens hood instead of a plastic or metal one.

they work like a normal hood to reduce lens flair but also as a bumper when hitting things. also when stored in a camera bag the hood easily collapses to fit the bag. i use them on most of my lenses. just an extra bit of protection.

use this at the amazon search engine for starters... 58MM Lens Hood Set (Tulip Flower + Collapsible Rubber Lens Hood)

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