Stop using "pros" to justify your GAS.............

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Re: Stop using "pros" to justify your GAS.............

sportyaccordy wrote:

I go to a local theme park regularly and am currently on vacation at Disney World........

At both parks there are plenty of "pro"- real pros- professional (aka they make a living taking photos) photographers. What do they all shoot? From what I've seen, mostly Nikon DX DSLRs with midrange zooms.

I follow MotoGP as well and heard a podcast from a pro photographer in that space. IIRC his moneymaker is like a D300 or something similar

Obviously there are plenty of pros who shoot the latest and greatest........... and IME they seem to make big part of their incomes reminding everyone of that fact But I guess my point is "pro" <> the most high end expensive gear one can get their hands on. It's like using a Rolls Royce to drive Uber.

Spend your money on what makes you happy.

Personally the idea of vacationing at Disney World makes me want to throw up but if that does it for you then cool.

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