G1X Mk III : use Hoya UV filter to replace lens cap?

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Re: G1X Mk III : use Hoya UV filter to replace lens cap?

S_L wrote:

Chris 222 wrote:

The devil is in the details here perhaps more than with most issues.

Yes, the lens cap is a total PITA and like all the (many) G1X3 owners in my community, I immediately removed it and replaced it with a filter.

Thanks for the detailed reply. It is exactly what I am looking for

As always, glad to be of help!

One more silly question, if one carries the camera around with filter instead of the lens cap, does it mean he needs to carry a lens cloth to clean the filter glass quickly before using the camera?

Not a silly question at all. Like Mike, I always have stuff to clean my front filters (if the new lens/cam has a spotless front element, which is not always the case out of the factory particularly with Lumix, those go on the lens as soon as I open the box): LensPen, a small chunk of microfiber (the high-quality stuff since the household type sheds enormous amounts of micro-plastics) plus a few sheets of optical paper, the whole kit is inside a small plastic bag and takes very little space. I don't use it often but it's there when I need it. .

It seems logical as the lens cap will do a better job preventing dust sticking on glass surface but I am new to all these.

It certainly does, but it's such a pain to use that I only stick it on when I'm hiking (I do quite a bit of that, see R links below my siggy) in very steep/rocky terrain.

BTW, I use my X3 as either my main high-IQ WA cam or as a backup when I bring ILC gear. I tend to keep it either in a backpack's belt pocket or inside the very versatile LowePro Dashpoint (the 20 is super snug especially with the cap on, so I use the 30 more.)

You do not want to use use a UV filter since the lens already has plenty of coatings that address this (and much more.)

Ian is correct that some filters can cause a (very minimal anyway) loss of IQ. What I do on all my lenses is use a super high-quality clear filter (watch out for fakes though), in this case I just looked at my records for you and it was the Marumi 37mm EXUS Lens Protect Filter. It works perfect on the X3.

The UV filter is bought so it´s a bit too late, but thank you for introducing another made in Japan filter brand to me. I bought the Hoya filter because it was mentioned by a few G1X Mk III owners here and is not made in China.

By doing some additional reading on the website, it seems the UV filter should not have much negative impact to the photo quality and probably render itself as a clear glass filter as modern digital cameras already have good built-in UV filter quality.

Unfortunately that's not the case. There were in-depth comparative studies made some years back (by some Japanese labs as well as Lens Rentals if memory serves) that clearly showed how much the more than half-dozen coating layers applied to some UV filters affect both light intake and lens quality. I tested myself some old UV filters I used to have on my film cams and found some pretty horrible results (yikes!)

This which is why I favor clear filters, which I use primarily because I'd rather scratch one of those (not uncommon while bushwhacking in certain terrains) or crack it, than my front lens element. And as Mike said, you can still snap the cover to many of those if you like.

BTW, after finding out on my first X3 how much extra space the hood takes, I stopped using one altogether. I found that I get the same or better results by using the old cupped hand trick.

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