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So I have two same 2x teleconverters by Tamron. One is clear optically and one is hazed. I dismantled the hazed one. It turned out that the haze is on one glass only out of 5 or so, situated in the middle. The hazed glass was milky. I started with an isopropanol based liquid then 99% isopropanol. This didn't do much as I expected. So I applied hydrogen peroxide, it helped just a tiny bit. I ended up soaking (bathing) the glass in hydrogen peroxide for one hour. It looked to me as some in the middle got better but I was very disappointed with the result. I put the thing together and I see almost no change from my starting point. The teleconverter is still milky when you look through it, kind of same as it was.

P.S. It is kind of haze as sometimes can be seen as a ring around edges of a lens especially on the rear element. On my glass whatever little I cleaned up it was in the middle, on the edge a very milky ring remained.

Any advice? More hydrogen peroxide soaking?

Haze can be etching from a former fungus infection... in which case nothing will remove it, although you might be able to polish it out.

Assuming it isn't that, some people say cold cream (mostly for removing fungus), but I've never tried that. Ammonia is another possibility for a soak. I'd try good old soap and water -- and an ultrasonic cleaner, which can still take a while. Be warned that ultrasonic cleaners have been known to remove coatings from lenses.

Let us know what works (or doesn't). 

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