Ricoh GS-2 Wrist Strap

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Re: Ricoh GS-2 Wrist Strap

Dave729 wrote:

illD3fined, thanks for posting your picture of the cable tie as a pinky ring!

I'm a new GR owner and didn't like fiddling with floppy straps, I adopted your idea, but attached it to the upper mounting point so I can use it on my middle finger as shown in the photo. It works great with the Ricoh leather belt case, as I can just pop the case closure strap open, slip my finger through the ring and slide the camera out without even looking, index finger at the ready.

Cable ties as GR iiii finger strap

you’re very welcome. think these finger straps only add to the versatility of a camera so small. I really liked the control and security of having the zip tie up top like you did, but it prevented me being able to “drop” the camera and use the hand for something else while still “holding” it. admittedly probably not something I should be doing anyway

another benefit is you can just cut the current zip tie and add a bigger one for gloved hands in winter

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