Mavic 3 or 2 pro?

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Re: Mavic 3 or 2 pro?

mahsar wrote:

Thanks for your feedback!
I live in Sweden which is a well regulated country when it comes to where the border goes for drone flying. We will study tall trees and rocks to see how acidic rain affects the environment. therefore, i need a stable drain that can go near an object , stand and film for a few minutes.

I believe your first step is to familiarize yourself with regulations pertaining to drone/unmanned aircraft flight in Sweden.

There is a reason I suggested starting with a DJI Mini 2 as first drone as it is probably the best of the sub-250g drones which lessens complications regarding licensing and legal flight in Europe.

So you mean 2 pro i useless in my case?

No, just that the Mavic 3 is a substantially better drone, but both weigh more than 250g, and that has regulation, and operator licensing consequences in Sweden.

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