Mavic 3 or 2 pro?

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Re: Mavic 3 or 2 pro?

mahsar wrote:

I'm thinking of buying a new drone. Have never had a drone.

The price is not a problem because my university pays for it. I need a drone for a research project, where we need video and still images with good quality. We vill use the drone i n different light situation( both day and night)

The limit is $ 3,000.
I stand in the choice between Mavic 3 and 2 pro.
1- Which of them do you recommend?

Using University funds I would go for the Mavic 3 Fly More Combo as that would include 2 extra batteries, and props. However, I have been flying for two years.

2- Is there a significant difference between the 2 drones?

Yes! Especially when it comes to sensor size and obstacle avoidance sensors. The M3 with a 4/3 sensor has better low light performance than the 2 pro

Thank you for your guidance.

The big caveat is neither the Mavic 3, nor 2 Pro are particularly good drones for first time flyers. There is a learning curve which cannot rule out accidental crashes, and damage to the drone. I would suggest including a Mavic Mini 2 in your buying plans so as to make flight training a little less costly.

You have not mentioned where you, and your university are located, but it might be worthwhile researching local Laws, and regulations regarding drone use.

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