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Several things have happened since my last post. Since this is a VERY long story I will try to get to the main items which will reveal a couple of secrets in terms of how Canon Repair technicians work and what department can go beyond even CPS at Canon.

Brief recap for those who don't want to reread this long thread: my RF 24 - 105 L lens from day one was soft on the left side of the frame at the wider focal lengths and especially in the lower left corner. I sent my lens to Canon with pics for repair and they found that it was in spec but they adjusted the focus which was already perfect and sent the lens back to me. Problem not fixed.

I sent the lens in a second time and after they  received it they also then requested my R5 which I sent to them. They again said that both were in spec but the "lens was calibrated with camera for best focus". They also said concerning the R5: "The unit was calibrated for best focus and then calbrated to the lens provided". How this can occur with on sensor focusing is beyond me. They returned my lens and camera to me. Problem not fixed.

I spoke to Canon again (CPS) and they wanted me to send the lens in for a third time. I said that I didn't want to send it in only to be told that the lens is in spec for a third time and still have the problem. So, after a Canon CPS supervisor couldn't do anything else I asked who else I could discuss this problem with and I got to THE department that can actually get things done properly. That Canon department is called "customer relations". After explaining the problem and how the Canon repair technicians do not listen to the customer, do not follow what CPS writes down, and will not call the customer (me) to discuss what the actual problem is, customer relations asked me to send the lens in for a third time but with a difference. Eric, who is not a bench lab repair technician...he is the guy who works with Canon Japan... would personally test my lens.

Eric found the following: "After checking the resolving power of the lens on the lens resolution tester, it appeared that the lens would be within Canon factory specifications. The lens resolution tester is a tool used by the Canon factory service centers that gives a detailed result of resolving power from the customers lens. But the lens resolution tester is not the only way the factory service center confirms resolving power, in addition the lens projection tester is another test that is used to confirm resolving power. On the lens projection tester the lens was not within specification and on the bottom left hand corner the image quality was softer".  Finally they agreed with me! After some discussion with customer service that wanted to issue me a refurbished lens which I refused, management approved a new lens for me which I now have.

I hope that the above helps others in dealing with Canon when their standard methods fall short of fixing a problem. It also begs several questions such as why Canon doesn't use the projection test both in the factory and in the service center on every lens to ensure performance, why there is so much lens-to-lens variability with the 24-105L series, why their service technicians will not talk to their customers, and why CPS wasn't able to resolve the problem vs. the customer relations department. These questions are perhaps rhetorical as I understand SPC (statistical process control), profitablity, and so on. Perhaps as Sony continues to gain market share Canon with revisit their positions on these issues.

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