IQ of GF 35-70 vs. GF 32-64 on 50S/50S II sensor

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Re: IQ of GF 35-70 vs. GF 32-64 on 50S/50S II sensor

fuzzymuzzy wrote:

Just received my GF35-70 lens this morning. A big thank you to Roberts Camera! They came through on my pre-order for the lens only.

I am going thru my normal checking of a new lens. First thing I checked was for focusing issues on my GFX100s. No front focusing. Focus is right on the money.

For those of us who are older and have arthritis issues and bad backs, this lens really will lighten up the load.

Happy holidays to all.

This is great news but really difficult to understand. I've had three of these lenses and have tested on four different bodies and they all front focused near the MFD at the long end of the zoom using AF. Could all three have mechanical issues?

I'm not doubting the results of your testing but just for clarity, have you tried 70mm, wide open and near the MFD? It doesn't matter what size AF point or AF mode I use.

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