My ISO in D5500 going too high.

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Re: My ISO in D5500 going too high.

SoCalAngler wrote:

The the situation where I encountered this I was in matrix metering mode. I was in a hurry so I just switched auto ISO off and set an appropriate ISO, which at late morning and bright conditions was 100.

I am sure that was what the OP has encountered. I understand that the issue was that he needed to go to the menu of his D5500 to change from Auto ISO to manual ISO.

I have Auto ISO On/Off changeover in my D5600. This is one of the functions of the touch pad control. I use that regularly.

I understand that ISO sensitivity control is also available on "Touch Fn" of the D5500. The OP may want to look into that.

On my D5600 it is the f3 of the Custom Setting Menu. I set f3 to ISO sensitivity. I switch the Touch Controls on the Setup Menu to On (Enable).

When looking through the OVF, I can slide my thumb on the right hand side of the LCD to switch Auto ISO On or Off. I also set my Fn button to ISO so that I can select ISO setting with the Command Dial when Auto ISO is Off.

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