Best IR only camera?

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Re: Best IR only camera?

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I have a FLIR One that attaches to my iPhone but the resolution is low.
I'm wondering what consumer or prosumer IR camera, either stand alone or iPhone accessory, is best.
I'd use it for nice images not for thermal analysis so precise calibration isn't a factor.
Thanks for any info.

I think you'll find what you're looking for at one of these places. Both have ready-to-sell IR-converted cameras and lots of tutorials so you can get exactly what you're looking for:



They convert regular cameras, not, I think, cameras capable of the thermal imaging parts of IR.

I was a little confused by the post, but he says: "I'd use it for nice images not for thermal analysis..."

I suppose he has enough info to figure out what he needs.

he simply had no idea how expensive thermal imagers are

I said IR not thermal imaging and the FLIR One is not that expensive.
I'm not looking for the sort of hires system you'd find in an M1 tank.
I'm just looking for some different images.

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