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Re: Works great on my R5s but AF tracking Ux changed a bit

BBR5 wrote:

gimp_dad wrote:

Stuart Carlton wrote:

Just wondering whether to update to 1.5. Not that it offers me any specific advantages. I was rather put off by the negative comments when it first appeared and wondered if folks were still experiencing difficulties. Better to wait for another update?

I like the changes after figuring out how to achieve subject stickiness through the updated tracking modes. It's a little different than before but gives more options.

In my case having an R3 also, the new FW makes the R5 behave more like the R3 as well. I appreciate the consistency.

That sounds encouraging with regard to the updated R5 firmware. Can you elaborate on the AF setting changes made with R5 firmware 1.50 that gave you the results you like?

It's somewhat specific to how I use tracking but my previous method was mostly to use initial point subject tracking.  With the auto case.  Then either animal eye or people eye depending on the subjects.  The initial point subject tracking tended to be sticky this way.

With the new FW, I have to enact more knobs to get full stickiness (and it is even more sticky now).  I set the Servo AF Case set to 2 instead of auto (this is specific to my types of action shooting but encourages the AF to keep tracking the animal or person in question even if obstacles or other subjects get in the way). I also, set "Switching tracked subjects" to 0 (aka Initial priority -- default is 1 or 2 aka switch subjects).  This means if I selected a subject initially, I want to keep that subject until I let go of the button.  I did not previously set this mode and it didn't originally exist on the R5.

With the above settings, I get the behavior I want and it is more consistent than the way I had it before.  If the above settings are all at default, it jumps subjects much more than it used to.

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