Touch Screen Mode in Fuji GFX 50sii

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Re: Touch Screen Mode in Fuji GFX 50sii

eliehbk wrote:

Hi guys,

I am sorry for bombarding you with questions about the GFX while I get used to it. However, for some reason the touch screen mode is off, so I cannot use the screen to pick focus point, AF or swipe up, down, left, and right to get the different shortcuts. I have all screen touch functionality to "On" in the menu. When I try to switch the "Touch Screen Mode" to on in the Q menu the mode goes back automatically to off. I can touch the screen to toggle the menu items in the Q menu but not to focus or swipe for shortcuts.

Would be grateful again for any tips from you guys. I am not sure what is influencing this in the camera. I have tried different AF setting (MCS) and all AF modes but nothing works.

Thank you all!


I don't have my camera handy to check this but can you tap on the tiny "off" icon on the LCD that also features an icon of a pointing hand? I recall that it's possible to toggle the touch functionality using that icon.

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