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Re: Z9s timeline for NPS

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Per Nikon USA:

”Great news!!!! Z 9 cameras are arriving from our factory and the first shipment will be released to arrive at Nikon Authorized dealers on or after December 23rd. If you have placed your order for the Z 9 camera with a dealer and have submitted your priority delivery request on your NPS dashboard on or before December 19th we are pleased to report that between December 23 and mid-January 2022 we will fulfill all NPS priority requests placed as of December 19th, 2021. You will receive an email from our team once your camera is scheduled to ship.”

Notice how they word it as "On or after December 23rd" and NPS (only)...

I was just in my local camera shop picking up my 100-400 and literally saw the internal email that said they were getting 3 NPS Z9s and 4 non-NPS Z9s, and since I am number 3 on the list one of the non-NPS units is mine. It also stated in the email that first day of selling will be Dec. 23. They did not yet have the units in the store so we shall see........

Interesting that they are getting some non-NPS bodies, as I thought (based on the piece of email that was posted) Nikon seems to only be shipping NPS priority bodies on the 23rd.... So how they got non-NPS bodies I don't know (unless they pre-ordered them for someone saying they were NPS).

I don't think so. I am on their non-NPS list along with a friend, and we are supposed to get the third and fourth bodies of the four non-NPS they are getting. I have been wondering if this was the case--many have been assuming based on the NPS email that Nikon was only shipping cameras for NPS folks in December. But the fact is they did not state this, many have just made this assumption. It seems to me based on what my dealer said, as well as some other messages I have seen on forums today, that in fact that is nnot the case. That is, there are allocations for NPS and non-NPS and both seem to be going out. Or at least I hope that proves to be the case.........

Either way, I personally would not expect it any time soon, even if you are 3rd or 4th on the non-NPS list.  Just because a store orders them doesn't mean they will get them on the time frame they may have been told initially.  I would honestly say if non-NPS person people them before the end of January that would be surprising.

The way I'm sensing this will probably go is the first (NPS) batch will be fine (they are probably already built and at the stores or enroute).  (Again it says "on or after" which allows Nikon to delay without penalty).  Basically the first batch starts to ship on the 23rd or NPS people take deliveries.  AFter that, who knows....?

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