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Funny though, how we always trend to Winter type decorations. I guess it's in our culture, I'm sitting here looking at TV which is flanked by a Santa Claus dressed for snow and on the other side a reindeer. Our son used to live in St. Albans in UK and Maureen always wanted a white Christmas - so in 2012 we went to have Christmas with Steve. Of course we didn't get a White Christmas, but the atmosphere was marvellous. Oxford Street etc. was fantastic even St. Albans did itself proud. But no snow! A few days after Christmas I mentioned to Tim, who owned the apartment we rented while in St. Albans "where's the snow, this is no colder than Stratford NZ". Tim replied "just you wait". Well the next evening the sky looked funny and when we awoke the following morning, the snow was fluttering down - it was wonderful. We took off over to the park where lots of people were with skis and toboggans etc. . We were in the UK from Christmas until early May and we were getting snow right up into March.

I did not remember UK snow with any affection - ok I suppose for some short term fun until the reality sets in. Remembering to try and find flat part of the road to cross rather than chance the hard traffic-packed snow and very slippery surface that turned walking across any slope into a nightmare. Luckily the west side of the country only saw a very few days of actual snow every year.

Canadians usually have a love/hate relationship with winter. More love when you're young, make snowmen, skate and go skiing (and miss school now and then when a nice 40 cm snowstorm hits) and gradually moving towards the hate side when you have to drive through the snow, slush and ice to work every day. Still, there are some days and nights when the snow covered trees are just magnificent, especially under moonlight. Not to mention that fall in Québec with the leaves turning yellow, orange and red is probably the best time of year. An acquired taste maybe but still,at 66 I couldn't stand for a year-long summer...

That said, I still can't wrap my head around Xmas decorations on a palm tree...

Dear WhiteBeard,

I can assure you that, as other Australian correspondents have opined, much of this continent doesn't experience year-long summer.  In fact "winters" below the Tropic of Capricorn can be comparatively cold.  This year the South West of Western Australia experienced record rains, thankfully for the environment, and many cold months with overnight lows continually under 5degC, accompanied by sometimes biting winds off the desert, even into late Spring.  These conditions made for arduous birding particularly when camping on multi-day trips.  Still, we wouldn't want to go soft in our later years.

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Cheers, Mark
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