Panasonic 12-42 mk II vs 14-45 Panasonic

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Allan Brown
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Re: I meant the 14-42 Mk ii

Corot2 wrote:

oops 14-42 mk II


I have not tried the 14-42 II but I did have the 14-45 and 12-32 at the same time.

I used both extensively on a trip and these are my observations:

1) I found the 12mm far more useful than the range between 32 and 45mm.

2) When doing some videos, I found the OIS in the 12-32 to be far better than the OIS in the 14-45 which is poor.

I sold the 14-45 and bought a second 12-32 for my other camera.

The 14-42 II is supposed to be a good lens but the reports that I have seen suggest that it is much about the same as the 12-32 optically. So, either one will suit you.


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