Jared Polin's experience with production Z9

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Re: For all the Nikon DSLR users sitting on the fence

Mattitude V1 wrote:

For who? If you’re constantly switching systems and buying $6000 flagship cameras and massive lenses at the drop of a hat, that’s great for you and congratulations on the success in life. But 99% of photographers aren’t in that position.

He’s going to do a flagship comparison between the three flagship (two and a half, I guess) and it’s going to end just like they all do: He’s going to say if you shoot Sony, buy the A1, if you shoot Canon, get the R3 or wait for the R1 and if you shoot Nikon, get the Z9.

Because that’s OBVIOUSLY what we’re all going to do. I shoot Nikon, for example, and it has nothing to do with love, I pre-ordered the Z9 because it works with my lenses and seems to be an excellent camera.

If I shot Sony, I’d just buy an A1 and never regret it, because that is also an excellent camera. By Jared’s own admission, he used the Z9 without issue. The same as you can with all the cameras now.

I would say it's for all those Nikon DSLR users who didn't jump on the z6 and z7 releases and who say they don't want to use an adopter for their F-mount lenses...they are all looking at buying into a brand new mount for their mirrorless switch. They are looking in the Nikon, Sony and Canon offerings and trying to decide which is going to be best system for them in a mirrorless world.

Like him or not - he is pretty much the only influencer who owns all 3 systems and can compare them against each other at the same shooting event.

Other influenvers have loaners all used at different times and they go from their memory of what it was like compared to what they currently have on loan.

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