Jared Polin's experience with production Z9

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Re: Yeah, but a keen observer

T O Shooter wrote:

Mattitude V1 wrote:

T O Shooter wrote:

sandy b wrote:

You're not a watcher. So not really sure how you have an informed opinion on his content.

I like him well enough, although he seems to go on gut or emotions at times. Certainly nothing wrong with that. He is a Nikon shooter. I do dislike his sensational headlines.

and I observed that Nikon gave him a pre-production Z9 he wasn't expecting, as well as the first production Z9 out of the gate to show up on DPR. And I can put 1 and 1 together and come up with another number other than 1. So that should be worth something.

In telling you that I don't watch him, doesn't that automatically include that I don't have an informed opinion? It is not a prerequisite on DPR, unless it's a new rule.

I'm certainly having a chuckle at all the fellows that dissed him over the Z6 and z7, and now he's Nikon's go to buddy. Were you one of the ones dissing him over the Z6/Z7?

He’s not really their buddy, all the major channels got to test it except for the Northrups. When the Z9 ships, you’ll see that everyone got one around the time that he did and they’ll all release their reviews the second the embargo lifts.

That's your opinion. I have a different one. Unless you have a line into the powers that be at Nikon, both of us will only have opinions.

But I would bet that if other influencers had a Z9 same time, they'd have had a video up. That's what they do. So the odds are kinda on my side on that.

Most other YT don't buy the gear they test - they just call the marketing department and beg for a free loaner.

Why do you think dpreview has never reviewed the D5 or D6 ? They are too cheap to buy one and Nikon never loaned them a flagship body until the Z9

I suspect that Jared ordered one with his own money and he probably still has his NPS membership.

Of course Nikon bend over backwards to get a production until into his hands faster than any other NPS member.

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