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Re: What About The Rest of Us?

PaulBearer wrote:

As I read this, the shipment for non-NPS starts mid-January. I guess I won't plan on being home on Christmas Eve.

The supply for the rest of us is being shipped to a retailer somewhere and once that retailer gets around to it, they will send out shipping notices. For all we know those will go out on the same trucks at the same time as the NPS units. It will just be Friday, maybe, before the dealers are ready to ship.

I would wait a week before pounding all of my Nikon equipment into scrap and ordering many $ worth of something else.

Edit: On another board a retailer has shared his information from Nikon USA. There will be  general sales Z9s coming with the NPS shipment. With a possible early 1/22 shipment and a definite 1/15 there about shipment. The shipments will be a combination of NPS and general sales.

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