Hand strap for R3

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Re: Hand strap for R3

Steve W wrote:

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Blokfluitist wrote:

orbitalpunk wrote:

I used the Spiderlite Strap. Love it. You slip it between your camera body and L-bracket base plate. I used it on my R5 and GFX100s.


Neat design - if i didn't already have a PD Clutch I think I'd get one of these. My only concern is I can't work out what the material is that goes under the base plate as it has to be really thin and that's potentially the weakest point - is it metal?

It’s thick nylon with a silicone coating so its grippy when sandwiched between the plate and body. Been using them for years, very tough. No signed of tearing ever.

Interesting since a lot of the plate manufacturers discourage placing anything between the plate and body. I think they believe it will cause the plate to loosen over time and create a problem.

I use RSS and SmallRig plates with my spiderlites and never came loose or needed tightening on my 5DII, R, R5, GFX50s or GFX100s. Maybe that’s what the silicone coating is for. To prevent further the plate from twisting which in turn prevents prevents the screw from turning. But all my plates have anti twisting building so its a non issue in my case.

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