Ricoh GS-2 Wrist Strap

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Re: Ricoh GS-2 Wrist Strap

I used my GS-2 strap a couple of times but I find it a bit bulky.  Now sits in a box in the closet.

I've settled into using one from Amazon.  The ones that come in different colors with 6 in a pack of cellophane for about $1 each.

The only downside is that the cord/thread that holds the strap onto the camera is pretty thin.  However, I use the strap mostly as a safety strap since I seldom hang the camera from my wrist.  I have it attached to the bottom lug, not the top.

The cord/thread on both the original black OEM strap and GS-2 are thicker in diameter for what it's worth.

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