S1H vs. S1R: difference in color, DR a.s.o.?

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Re: S1H vs. S1R: difference in color, DR a.s.o.?

My standard sharpening in ACR is 50 0,5 10 40 for files without AA filter and 60 0,6 10 40 for files with AA filter to compensate the slight softness.

I don't use any film simulations with the Fuji files because mostly the contrast is too high for my taste.

Typically for a high contrast motive I might lift the shadows, lower the highlights, add some clarity and lower a bit the midpoint in the gradation curve. For the S1H files I had the impression I would have to add a bit vibrance to compensate the slight flatness of pulled shadow areas.

I always try to care for the highlights at the exposure. So, a high contrast motive might be a bit underexposed, I increase the exposure in ACR which is no problem with the Fuji GFX files due to their immense DR.

Enclosed a Pano S1H image adjusted to my taste, that's the color grade I like and I am used with the Fujis.

S1R expectation:

Acc. photons to photos, at ISO 100 the DR of the S1R is not so much lower than the GFX 50s. (the difference of DR at ISO 200-400 is larger, but strangely less from ISO 100 to 200. It is mentioned that the triangles indicate 'scaling' but I don't know what that means, maybe Pana is cooking the raw at ISO below 200)

But if shadow are lifted, it's a quite dramatic difference between the two cameras acc. DPR.

I must get a camera in my hand to test it myself.

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