32" 4k Monitor size for Mini?

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Re: 32" 4k Monitor size for Mini?

buzzbob wrote:

Hmm. I have now been told by work I can take my 27" iMac with me when I leave at the end of this month. I am assuming the iMac screen will be at least as good as any 4k monitor I could buy. Is this assumption correct or wrong? If correct, there's little point in me buying an expensive screen for the mini.

Does this reasoning make sense?

May I ask if your intention is to use the iMac as a screen for the Mini?

The reason I ask is that I wanted to do just that, it is/was called Target Display Mode but AFIK it is not available in later iMacs. Mine is a late 2015 and I believe it cannot be done.

Pity, as I like the screen and would like to use it with one of the latest Mac offerings.

Just a thought from your post. I am sure there will be someone here that can confirm.

(Actually looking at the names in this thread, if any of them respond you can take what they say to the bank !!!)

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