Image processing PC vs gaming PC - what's important?

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Re: Image processing PC vs gaming PC - what's important?


I've got an AMD 5700 XT GPU, and that's what I'll be using - I figured out early on that I wasn't buying a $1000 GPU.  And that was BEFORE it got stupid out there.

I DO figure I need a lot of horsepower and memory - my current 32GB machine regularly runs out of memory with Lightroom and Photoshop running, and things get ugly VERY quickly...

After some research I"m down to 3 or 4 reasonable motherboards for the 12900 (reasonable appears to start at about $300 and top out around $400), and I'd like to use DDR5 memory, of which there doesn't appear to be a stick anywhere in the US.

Even Amazon is trying to scalp the stuff - 32GB (2x16GB) is listed for about $1100.  Which is better than Ebay where I saw 16GB for $2600 last week.

I'm concerned that with the totally screwed up supply chain it's gonna be SIX MONTHS before anything shows up.

If I HAVE to settle, I can build a 5900X or 5950X system a few hundred cheaper, but every time I start looking at motherboards and see how far behind they already are, I start to understand what "mature technology" and "dead ended"really means in a motherboard review.

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