IQ of GF 35-70 vs. GF 32-64 on 50S/50S II sensor

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Re: IQ of GF 35-70 vs. GF 32-64 on 50S/50S II sensor

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That's not great at all. I hired the 32-64 and didn't see anything like that sort of softness, are you sure this isn't sample variation? In my experience Fujifilm QC is pretty sketchy.

This. I'm reading a lot of contradictory stuff like this about 32-64. There's a portion of people saying this lens is very sharp, even surpassing some primes, and there's other portion of people complaining about the extreme softness on the edges... Is this some kind of quality control issues from Fuji, being this lens a total lottery?

I don’t know, I’m starting to think that maybe the best would be to start with a combo of two primes like GF30 and GF63, even if this is more expensive and sacrifices the flexibly of the zoom in determined situations, hmmm

I vote for the 2-prime combo. The zoom weighs almost as much as the 63 and 30 together. And with the two primes, you can always leave one at home to and use the GFX like a fixed-lens camera.

GF 32-64 = 875g

GF 63 = 405g

GF 30 = 510g

Another big advantage to the two primes for my type of shooting is the much closer minimum focusing distance with both. You can't focus very close with the zoom without using an extension tube and taking a hit on IQ away from center.

Yes, you might be right there. My initial idea was to buy the 50S II with 35-70 kit adding also the GF63 to compensate the softness issues on the far end (70mm) of this zoom. But yeah, I guess I'm starting to change my opinion about zooms!

Thank you all for sharing your thoughts and knowledge by the way! This is the first time I'm having such a positive discussion and feedback in a forum and I'm enjoying a lot!

I bought the 50 f/3.5 in the sale and I find the 35-70 almost as sharp stopped down. The front focusing issue is frustrating and it's not perfect wide open, but at f/7.1-11 it performs very well. It's also much smaller/lighter than the 32-64. I think getting the kit is a no brainer.

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