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So today I "upgraded" my strap situation. I took two of the Gordy rings and used strong string and made a custom situation. This works great with the Gordy quick release system and when I don't use a strap at all they almost don't feel like they are there at all.

I put string all around the metal rings to add protection and avoid scratches (I do not do well with patina. I have OCD).

Really interesting. What type of string are you using here?

I like the "Street Edition" lens ring! I may have to put mine back on.

I think my mother (she has a jewelry shop and helped me with this) called it was string, though I'm translating literally.

Actually this is the bronze ring for the IIIx. I think it's more subtle than the street edition orange. But in general I'm a fan of the coloured rings. I had a green one for the III.

I am currently fooling around with a waxed shoelace from an old dress shoe. Not sure where I'm going with it. Maybe just a short piece as a secondary backup should the thin first string break. However, there's only so much room in the camera eyelet.

I did not know that the two orange rings where different in color--interesting.

Do you have a number of JJC rings? Do they tend to lock onto a GRIII any better than the OEM rings?

I only have the JJC green one which locked fine. It's a completely pointless possession now I don't have a GR III to use it with. There's no JJC options for the GR IIIx as of yet.

I guess it never occurred to me that the lens ring would be a different size for the IIIx but makes sense.

So far I have not had any issue with mine coming off but I'm not hard on my stuff.

In 18 months of owning the GR III, the ring never fell off for me.

I will add my agreement to the last comment, in over 2 years of ownership my GR III ring never fell off, JJC or otherwise.

By the way, JJC rings are available for the IIIx now on Amazon, there's a toggle between III and IIIx for most colors. I got my green one, it has become my trademark.

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