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Hi John,

I'm with you. I  started a very recent thread on the same subject for reasons very similar to your own - landscape resolution.  Here....


What you will discover in the responses are a broad consensus of views that

  • all the lenses will work on the tipped new 40mpx sensor
  • no lens will perform worse on the new sensor

That's about where the consensus ends.  After that it's conjecture.  My own  personal views are that

  • despite many theories, no-one can actually tell you whether specific lenses will perform up to the resolution capability of the tipped new 40mpx sensor because no-one here including me actually knows
  • I predict that some existing Fuji lenses  that offer higher resolution will deliver better outcomes on the 40mpx sensor than they do on the 26mpx sensor.  Some existing lenses offer very high resolution and Fuji have specifically also said that the three new f1.4 lenses were designed to meet the needs of future sensors
  • some lenses may actually deliver the full 40mpx resolution capabilities of the tipped sensor
  • I predict that other lenses that don't deliver high cross frame sharpness on the 16mpx and 26mpx sensors will give you nothing more at 40mpx
  • a 40mpx APSC sensor is equivalent to a 94mpx FF sensor.  There has never before been such a pixel density
  • I don't want to invest in a 40mpx APSC sensor camera unless my lenses can achieve the resolution of the sensor at landscape apertures.  I don't want them to simply work.  I want them to work at the resolution of the sensor otherwise the investment in the sensor is pointless.  (The camera may of course have other attributes that make it worthwhile for other buyers eg AF, eye detect, expresso coffee making, etc).

I too have been thinking about the alternative of a Sony A7R4 purely as a specialised camera for my landscape interests - I have no interest in 60mpx to take portraits, street, social photos or the kids at Christmas (etc).  The A7R4 offers the same pixel pitch as the XT4, which amounts to a linear increase of just over 52% by moving from APSC to FF.  An APSC crop from that camera should give the same resolution as the XT4 provided that a FF lens of similar FL and resolving power is used to take the image.  If there is such a FF lens, and its resolution extends to the full FF image, then it will offer the capacity to print to the same detail or acutance as the XT4 in a print size 52% bigger.  I think it's very likely that the finest grade Sony lenses would be on par with the finest Fuji lenses.  Lenses like their G master series or the new Voigtlander Apo Lanthars are truly excellent lenses.  My guess is that the 60mpx FF sensor will do the job more easily than a 40mpx APSC sensor because it alleviates the pressure on lens performance that would be faced by a 94mpx FF equivalent sensor.  I own an XT4.  I suspect that the only way for me to ranswer the question is to try an A7R4.  A rental exercise or a used one....

The other great alternative is the GFX series cameras.  I've little doubt that a GFX 100 is the doyen of detail.  And the possibility and greater relevance of movements on a larger sensor makes it more attractive.  However, the simple fact is that I can't afford a GFX 100.  My budget just puts an end to exploring that pathway.

Regards, Rod

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