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There is talk that the new Fuji sensor could be around 40 megapixels. I have the 18-55 mm and the 55-200 mm zooms. Does anyone know if they can resolve 40 megapixels, or would I need new lenses with greater resolving power?

they can't "resolve" even 16mp sensor... but more mp will never result in less details even behind the worst lens in the universe !

Do you have a link to test data that shows this?

just go to any test site like lenstip or opticallimis ... those lenses were tested

So you cannot back up your claim as the chart tests never compare between sensor resolutions

dude - I will help you to comprehend the evident

for example max resolution achieved by XF27/2.8 on X-E cameral model ( https://www.opticallimits.com/fuji_x/855-fuji27f28?start=1 ) in Optical Limits tests there was = ~3179 line widths per picture height (LW/PH) @ f5.6 only in the center of the sensor... so to claim the lens resolve the sensor is to get >= 3179 line widths per picture height (LW/PH) across all sensor @ any aperture... or at least try to claim that in the center (which is "resolving the tiny middle spot of the sensor" actually.. not resolving the sensor) and only at one aperture setting ... so now do yourself a favor and visit the test of 18-55 on the same camera (so we can compare, same camera model, same sensor) = https://www.opticallimits.com/fuji_x/783-fuji1855f284?start=1

it is not a bad zoom lens but it is not coming close to the best XF27/2.8 results (which is of course only achieved @ one aperture and in tiny center spot of the sensor)... so no 18-55 does not resolve 16 mp sensor by any definition - not at any aperture and not at any spot...

now next lens 55-200... tested on X-T1 ... here is XF35/2 tested on that same camera model X-T1 ( https://www.opticallimits.com/fuji_x/985-fuji35f2?start=1 )

best result is 3078 @ F4 and only in the center of the sensor

see 55-200 = https://www.opticallimits.com/fuji_x/879-fuji55200f3548?start=1
same thing, good lens, but not coming close to XF35/2 max results = not resolving 16mp sensor, never ever and nowhere

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