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Re: 3.3.4 released today

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Sharpen AI 3.3.3 was released a few hours ago. Looks like many bug fixes. Also, Topaz had this additional comment:

We’ll also be releasing a new update to every model soon which should solve several image quality issues, including the image shifting slightly, and causing halos.

Topaz developer gave an update today on the new models:

It’s taking a little longer than planned, and will require another app patch, unfortunately. I assure you the extra time taken will be worth it once they’re out, though.

The new version 3.3.4 was released today.

Lots of changes and bug fixes.

Regarding your comment in the release notes, about changing the model in the comparison view, I tied it multiple ways and had no issues whatsoever. Version 3.3.4 is working perfectly for me and it may actually be working faster. I haven't encountered any problems so far. But I certainly have not yet exhausted all possible use models.

Over the last few months and multiple releases several people have reported this problem, but it never hit me until 3.3.4. I have noticed several other less serious bugs in the comparison view, particularly since they added the ability to change the one in the upper left. Things such as sometimes changing the model for a panel, but the label not changing so you don't know if it really changed. Or sometimes one or two panels not updating when you make a setting change.

I think I will uninstall and then delete Sharpen AI folders in the Windows AppData folder. Then reinstall.

I have tried changing panels and it worked OK. But they aren't remembering their last state.

I will play some more with it tomorrow.

Just noticed something. I download Denoise AI 3.3.4 which was a new download on the Topaz site. And it shows Sharpen AI still at 3.3.3.

I don't see a 3.3.4 download for Sharpen AI. Then looked at you link and I do see it there. I will download later. Maybe that link is a beta?

No, not beta. That is another reported bug in 3.3.3 and 3.3.4 that new versions don't show up sometimes except at the link I provided.

I successfully downloaded the full install version of Sharpen AI 3.3.4, and it is running perfectly with the half dozen or so images I just tried it on. I am having no problems with changing panel models and could do it over and over again as many times as I wanted. Nothing appeared to not be working.

And the results. WOW! The results are even an improvement from earlier versions. I have yet to see a halo or any artifacts to form.

I have to say that I am very pleased with what I see so far.

So far, I have tried this on results from 3 of my cameras and a few different lenses. Results are very good for all of them.

Here is an example. Image taken with Olympus EM1ii along with a 75-300mm lens and shot at 300mm. With the 2x crop factor, this would be the same angle of view as I would get from my 600mm lens on a full frame body. Notice that there is an insect on the center pinecone. This image is the result of using the RAW file directly into this new version of Sharpen AI and I used the motion-very blurry model.

Sharpen AI motion-very blurry model.

Next, I used the above image and directly loaded it into Gigapixel AI where I cropped it and resized by 4x. Now that insect is almost identifiable. For this image to turn out as well as it did, the first image has to be quite clean giving Gigapixel AI something to work with. For a 4x resize, it means 15 new pixels are invented for every 1 existing pixel.

Also tried the 6x resizing. Now 6x means that Gigapixel AI had to invent 35 new pixels for every 1 existing pixel. I tend to not like using 6x, but I thought for this one, why not!

Looking forward now to when Topaz finishes the new way of doing AI with DeNoise AI and Gigapixel AI.

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