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Re: Lens and Sensor Resolution

Here's a DPR article from 2017 that might be useful:

Opinion: Thinking about buying medium format? Read this first: Digital Photography Review (dpreview.com)

From this article, "...we’ve been told that some of the newer full-frame lens designs were designed with 80 to 100MP in mind, on full-frame sensors. And with the eye-popping performance of some of the newest full-frame lenses we’ve seen, from varied manufacturers, we’re not inclined to disagree. We’ve seen some 50MP files from the 5DS R paired with truly stellar lenses where we simply can’t imagine anything better, resolution-wise. In fact, at ~F5.6-6.2 equivalent, I'm not seeing a major resolution advantage of the medium format cameras over the full-frame cameras in our studio scene comparison tool..."

If new full frame designs support 100mp, that means 42mp within the dimensions of the APS-C frame. I assume Fuji X lenses would be designed to the same standards as their full frame competition, of course. Maybe that is assuming too much.

And there is this article from 2015:

CP+ 2015: Fujifilm interview - 'our lenses are waiting for higher-resolution sensors': Digital Photography Review (dpreview.com)

From this article, "We’ve designed lenses which are capable of coping with higher resolution sensors, so our lenses are currently waiting for higher resolution sensors and processors."

Now that sensors are at 25mp, I believe Fuji is still saying that the lenses are designed with higher native resolution than this, maybe 40-50mp, but I haven't yet found the DPR news item that mentioned this. Maybe I was dreaming.

Bottom line: I've found nothing definite!

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