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Thanks for the reply.

My issue is that I want more resolution, particularly with foliage. I currently have an X-E2 and was considering going to a full frame Sony. I then had second thoughts and wondered if I should get the X-H2 or X-T5 or whatever it turns out to be

I do not quite understand your needs with foliage ... Very likely zoom lenses do not have quite as much resolution as some best prime lenses have. Buying new zoom lenses will not help if you of some reason need really extreme (best possible) resolution ( that you are unable to see without serious pixel peeping)

You can check some good lens tests - like in Optical Limits site. https://www.opticallimits.com - they test resolution so that it is easy to understand

If you want to take a photo that shows all possible leaves in a forest you must buy a FF Canon R5 and some of the best RF primes. And Why not a Sony or a Nikon

I don't want really extreme resolution. I want better than I currently get with a 16 MP camera.

Plan A was a Sony full frame camera, specifically the recently released Sony A7 iv. But the noise reduction abilities of DXO Photolab (specifically its DeepPRIME process) and the fact that the new Fuji sensor will be stacked made me consider the upcoming Fuji as an alternative. The attractiveness of this alternative depends in part on whether the lenses I already have can make effective use of the extra megapixels.

IMO - i can not scientifically prove this here  - better sensor  always gives clearly more resolution compared to the older/smaller  and it is not at all harmful if the sensor "outperforms" the lens.

The thing gets quite complicated if we count all aspects in the same "package". High mp sensor is more sensitive to vibrations and camera shake ( enlarges in a way also microscopic movement)  - of course IBIS  and OIS helps.  Also the amount and quality of noise  is different in sensors  with high mp count ... and so on.

I personally try to forget thinking of the sensor size and megapixels. APS C  cameras are usually good enough for almost anything and FF cameras are not so stellar.  Now FF cameras are getting better and more portable with new fantastic gadgets. I have always liked Canon gear and now i in a way went back - i bought a R6.  Did not sell my Fuji gear !!! It is very usable and portable.

IMO  FF camera gives me more and better resolution with a good lens - even if it is just 20mp sensor.  I'm still quite surprised after making some big prints from R6 files - very nice quality. H2 is a very good camera, but ...  i'm not sure why i should buy a H2.  R6 has everything i need and H1 (also X- E3)  has some special things i really like.

It is  much cheaper to buy a very good Fujifilm lens than some stellar Canon RF lens  - FF camera bodies are not so expensive anymore, but the lenses are getting more expensive.

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