Monitor for Lightroom on M1 Pro Macbook Pro

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Re: Monitor for Lightroom on M1 Pro Macbook Pro

It would probably be best if I could try both and be able to answer all your good questions from direct use.

Some answers - I was thinking (perhaps incorrectly) that the larger screen would make it easier to work on fine detail brush stuff for example - because it is bigger and even with glasses my eyesight isn't perfect.  So it is not for the "largeness" to look at from further away, but for the fact that when focusing on a particular area, from the same distance, it would spread on a larger area and be easier to see.  Just having more pixels in the same area is great as long as your eyesight can distinguish the difference.  By the same logic, pushing 4K into a 24 inch or 19 inch wouldn't make sense, even though it would allow more "detail" you couldn't see it.

Having said that, I get your points and probably 27 inch 5K is the better path.

Regarding compute on the Mac - that was true with older machines, but the M1 Max 64G has enough horsepower for the 5K, and I don't think the screen will make any difference to the compute.

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