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Re: Lens and Sensor Resolution

John Carson wrote:

Thanks for the reply.

My issue is that I want more resolution, particularly with foliage. I currently have an X-E2 and was considering going to a full frame Sony. I then had second thoughts and wondered if I should get the X-H2 or X-T5 or whatever it turns out to be.

There are a lot of issues in this decision (stacked vs non-stacked sensor, noise levels etc.), but my initial thought was that the X-H2, say, would be a lot cheaper because I already have two lenses. However, if these lenses don't allow me to reap the full benefit of the higher megapixel sensor and I end up buying new lenses, then much of the cost saving will vanish.

I do not quite understand your needs with foliage ... Very likely zoom lenses do not have quite as much resolution as some  best prime lenses have. Buying new zoom lenses will not  help if you of some reason need  really extreme  (best possible) resolution ( that you are unable to see without serious pixel peeping)

You can check  some good lens tests - like  in Optical Limits site.  https://www.opticallimits.com  - they test resolution so that it is easy to understand

If you want to take a photo that shows all possible leaves in a forest  you must buy a FF Canon R5  and some of the best RF primes.  And Why not a Sony or a Nikon 

I have used my own older FF Canon D5MkIV  with EF 35 f2 IS  to take some forest landscape photos - interesting to see single pine needles sharply when i look at images in 400% view. Somehow i do not suffer if my H2 with 18-55 does not show the pine needles quite as well - Fujinon 23f2  almost does so - difficult to see resolution  difference.

Anyway , a new and bigger sensor will shoe some more resolution - something like 25% more

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