LED lights for tabletop video

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Re: LED lights for tabletop video

StoneJack wrote:

GI wrote:


I am looking to get some LED lights for table-top video.

According to estimates, I'd need 300-500 W LED light so that I can shoot at 30 fps and F/8-F/10 and ISO100-200. I need to be able to fully control lighting of the scene, so the lights will be used with softboxes, screens, reflectors, etc. Prefer Balcar mount, but could use Bowens as well. Minimal fan noise for audio.

Does anyone have direct experience to confirm that 300-500W would be enough light? Any recommendations? Folks over at Studio and Lighting forum recommended Godox VL200, VL300, SL200II, any direct experience with these?

Further, occasionally I'll shoot at 120 fps, I can probably open the aperture and increase the ISO, so that a light that works for above would work at 120 fps.


I assume you can edit out fan noise in post production (or just dont' record sound at all), so something simple like Godox SL60 probably is enough.

Thanks for the suggestion.

When sound is part of the scene so to speak, it would have to be recorded. As such, I can do sound post-production if that is what has to be done. Even in that case I'd prefer to start with the capture which is as clean as possible.

I need to get the right equipment. The cost is a concern, of course. But ultimately the lights will pay for themselves many times over.


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