Balancing lenses across two systems

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Re: Balancing lenses across two systems

Sounds like you have a good idea already of the strengths of each, and where they complement each other. But I wouldn't get too hung up on whether you should or shouldn't use one or the other for a certain thing.

To wit, here is the same scene, shot a year apart, on two different cameras. One was shot on a Sony A7Rii with a vintage Tamron 135mm f2.8, the other on the Fuji X-H1 with the (gasp!) 16-80mm f4 zoom. That old Tamron was pretty darned sharp. The barn in the pic is about a 1/3 of a mile away. Is either really all that better/worse than the other in terms of detail? Obviously the colors are different, some is due to my processing (much more heavily on the Sony image, very little on the Fuji shot) and some of it being the differences in color science, but I think it's fair to say neither is doing a bad job here.

My decision was really heavily influenced by the Fuji JPG processing. I really love the film sims, and was spending WAY too much time processing the Sony raw files to get results I liked. I was never happy with OOC shots from the Sony bodies. I'm usually happy with the OOC Fuji shots. That's time I can recover for more shooting, or other things (like time with my kids instead of my screen). And, I'm (mostly) a hobbyist, anything I do (and rarely, at that) for a paying client is usually more than satisfactory out of the Fuji, and I don't need to make my living with the camera. If I did, I might feel differently, but then I'd likely still shoot with the Fuji for fun.

Seems to me like you've got some great gear. Switch it up if it makes you happy to do so, or run each for what you like them for and enjoy!

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